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Moves and Grooves
Group Classes

Easy Does It
Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Lunchtime Yoga
Bring your energy with you to this class! Fun and crazy high/low impact moves that will challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance! During this class you will be alternating between a variety of high/low combinations & toning to keep it interesting as we strive to work all parts of your body.
This unique class will include 20 minutes of step, 20 minutes of the "weekly" cardio challenge (such as kickboxing, dance/high low, ball cardio), then it will end with 20 minutes of a relaxation Yoga with some deep stretching and breathe meditation.
While stretching is certainly involved, Yoga is really about developing strength and flexibility and is for the mind and body. This is done through the performance of uninterrupted flow of traditional poses. Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to go back to your daily schedule. ALL levels welcome.
Add a little heat to your Yoga with this uniquely designed Hot Yoga class. We gradually warm our Yoga Studio up to 80-85 degrees to relax your muscles for enhanced flexibility. This is a vigorous more athletic approach to Yoga.
A combination of gentle Cardio/Toning/Yoga focusing on low impact movements. During this class you will be building muscle and balance while improving range of motion, flexibility and strength. Perfect for ladies who are “new” to exercise or are simply looking for a low impact option.
Strictly Strength
Burn hundreds of calories and learn to build amazing functional strength in this class! Intervals of cardiovascular, plyometric drills, and functional body sculpting will amplify your workout and deliver that defined, strong body you want! ALL levels welcome.
Circuit Training

 Boot Camp
​(High Energy Aerobic Training) This will be "high intensity" interval workout incorporating "high" and "low" choreography for an intense cardiovascular workout. Plyometric sports conditioning and strength training will also aid to increase your VO2 Max! 

Body Sculpt
Pump Cardio/Core
Using a variety of strength, cardio and core exercises this workout offers a variety to ensure you never get bored or plateau and achieve maximum results. It's time to say hello to shapely shoulders, defined legs, toned arms, sculpted back, lifted booty and SEXY ABS.

Total Conditioning

"Working out in a gym environment can be daunting for some. If that's holding you back, Girlfriends provides specialty classes for women of all different fitness levels. They also offer specialty classes for those returning to exercise after illness or injury."  Bonnie

A 60 minute strength training class utilizing Body Bars, fitness balls, hand weights, and bands that incorporates basic muscle conditioning exercises for a streamlined, calorie burning, body toning experience. This is a great class for all fitness levels. 
2975 West Shore Drive  Holland  MI  49424
"get fit, find friends, join the girls!"
GFFC Barre class is designed to give you a full body workout, which will help improve flexibility, posture and extension.
Slow exercises are performed to help stretch and warm up muscles and focus on proper body form, balance and stability, whereas fast exercises condition, strengthen and tone your full body. This is a great low impact class for all fitness levels!
GFFC 30 minute Boot Camp classes are designed to help those with a busy schedule achieve a quick but effective workout during lunch, before work or after work. You will do elements of high intensity training and active rest periods giving you the best results with the maximum fat burning effect in only 30 minutes! We modify this class so it fit your individual needs and fitness level!
This progressive full body strength training class is perfect to build your best body. Enjoy this muscular workout that will tighten and tone for a lean body. We will use a variety of fitness tools to get a full body workout. ALL levels welcome.
Barre and 
Relaxation Yoga
This class will start with GFFC Barre and end with our signature relaxtion Yoga class! 
Restore the body and renew the spirit as you quiet the mind with this passive, gentle style of yoga, ideal for all yogi levels, those recovering from injuries, or an option for those who want a less intense and relaxing style of yoga. ALL levels welcome.
Yoga /Pilates
Fusion of Yoga and Pilates, focusing on strengthening the core and increasing flexibility. Stretching and relaxation techniques are incorporated to help you focus on your mind body connection. ALL levels welcome.
All of GFFC classes are led by certified and experienced class instructors and/or personal trainers. Our group classes are result driven to help you burn the maximum fat all while having fun! All of our scheduled group classes are included in your membership at GFFC! 

​Yin/Yang Flow is a combination of Yin practice, which penetrates deep into connective tissue expanding flexibiity and lossens entergetic blockages, and active Yang practice, which is the more traditional pose practice that developes muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility. For aspiring beginners to advanced practitioners.

This class is a form of total body conditioning using high-intensity aerobics, targeting strength building and muscular endurance. Circuits are made of exercises that focus on certain body parts for a set amount of time. After 30 minutes of switching between circuits, the class will transition into a weight lifting and resistance training workout, ending with a good stretch.