Girlfriends Fitclub is a women's gym in West Michigan. Located in Holland, MI, we offer a variety of health and fitness facilities to service all women.
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There is an abundance of diverse options out there to get moving and get healthy. It’s a gift, but it can be overwhelming too. Especially if you’re new at this fitness thing. Thankfully, Girlfriend’s offers so opportunities to try these options out in a comfortable and safe environment. 

I was that girl: I always equated fitness with sports- so because I wasn’t great at sports, therefore I couldn’t belong in a gym.

the gym was a place of intimidating unknowns.

I was embarrassed that I barely knew how to work a treadmill much less any of the weight training machines. Going was uncomfortable when I first started attending. But the more I went to classes and tried new things, the more I grew to love moving my body and pushing it’s athletic limits.

You can read more about my fitness journey here

The key to sticking with a healthy fitness lifestyle is finding a type of workout that you love. (Or at least dislike less than others).

From different types of yoga to boot camps, barre, strength training, Zumba, self-led circuits, and more, Girlfriend’s offers so many options to try out in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Click here for a full schedule and list of the class descriptions. 

4 tips to help you find what works for you, and to stick with it: 

1- Consider the time of day

Not an early morning person? Any workout at 5 am probably won’t seem super enjoyable. If evenings make you feel slow and sluggish, a class you might normally enjoy might be hard to get through during that time frame. 

There is a level of discipline and dedication we need to put forth in getting to the gym on a regular basis. Some days you really just might not feel like going but you go anyways. Cheering you on in this! But if your body naturally struggles to get moving during a certain time of day and that’s when you choose to get to the gym, it will be a lot harder to stick with it in the long run and find joy even with the best class or fitness routine. 

2- Consider the instructor/personal trainer/lack thereof-

First off, all the instructors and personal trainers at GFFC are amazing women and know their stuff! But you might gravitate towards/feel more motivated under a specific teaching style. Try out different instructors, try out a one on one personal training session, and try out one of the self-led workouts that the gym already has set in place. You might be surprised at what you end up preferring. 

3- Give yourself time to adjust. 

You might really dislike a class/workout routine on the first try. I encourage you to not quit right away. Allow your body time to adjust to a new way of moving. If you think there is some potential, give it 3 good attempts before you make a decision to move on or not. 

4- Bring a friend or make a friend. 

Having a buddy with you helps you stay on track. Over the years I’ve been attending, I’ve gotten to know the ladies in my class and have built friendships with them. The other members and staff have turned into such a good supportive community. They’ve walked through so many important seasons of life with me, just from chatting before and after class. If you’re new, introduce yourself to a few people. 

You’ll find a natural bond with the other women when you share in the vulnerability of pushing your mind, heart, and body to move in healthy love and care.

You want to work out in an environment where people know your name and notice when you’re gone. It makes you feel valued and special– just another motivator to keep going to the gym! 

So here’s my challenge: try something this month at the gym that you’ve never tried before!

Emily Weener is a member at Girlfriends Fit Club. She is also the author of the blog Darling Little Life; a lifestyle blog including faith, fashion, family and everything in between.