Girlfriend's Fit Club | Glamour Girls of GFFC
Girlfriends Fitclub is a women's gym in West Michigan. Located in Holland, MI, we offer a variety of health and fitness facilities to service all women.
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Glamour Girls of GFFC

Part of the Health Coaching journey includes taking a deep dive into the lives of clients.  Some of these life areas don’t really have anything to do with food or exercise. Many times, we find that body problems are rooted in deeper issues.  It might be a lie from childhood or a desire to find comfort in unhealthy outlets. As coaches, we try to get to the root of the problems causing outward symptoms so that we can come up with a plan and help clients to have long-term good health.  It’s what sets us apart from “any old” diet program or “weight loss scheme.” We believe it has to do with you mind, body and spirit.  

Self-image is one of the things we focus on, because many women struggle with feeling unworthy or beautiful.  Women do so much and serve so many people! We often forget that we are valuable and worth investing in. We love to partner with outside resources like Yarrow Style Restoration Services to help us give women the tools they need.  There are so many people struggling with issue!

Here at GFFC we have decided to highlight FOUR Glamour Girls in 2019.  Below you’ll read a little about our January Glamour Girl, Kim Blaker.  If you want to be in the running for our April Glamour Girl, we will have a raffle going on the entire month of March.  Each ticket costs $5 entry. The more you buy, the more chances you have to win this incredible Glamour Girl Package that includes:

  • 2 Hours with Style Consultant, Lexee Bouman
  •  Hair, Make-up, & 2 new outfits (and lots of tips for how to style yourself at home)
  • Glamour Photo Shoot with FREE edited photos to take home
  • Bio and Blog write-up highlighting YOU  
  • Discount on Health Coaching
  • Discount on Yarrow Style Restoration Services for in-home closet makeover and further style consulting

A BIG thank-you and shout-out to Yarrow!  Thank you for your help in making women feel strong, confident and beautiful!

Read below for the full write-up on Kim!

Styling with Kim

I met the lovely Kim Blaker through Brittnee Blom at GFFC. We decided to partner together to show Kim more ways to love herself well! This is key…the loving yourself well, part! We sometimes get stuck in a root of putting ourselves on the back burner, but the time came for that to no longer be the case!   This is exactly what we gave her! Check it out—
I’ve been a full-time mom for the past 11 years and other than working out, I haven’t put much effort into my own appearance. I’ve struggled with my weight over the years and had been feeling like not much in my closet fit well or looked great. I had never before had a makeover and wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt incredibly loved and comfortable during the time we spent together.
They shared simple hair and make-up tips that I am able to do at home and the photos Lexee took showed me feeling beautiful and more confident than I have felt in long time.
The joy in my heart and the smile on my face are what have had the biggest impact on me.
I am inspired to clean out my closet and invite Lexee in to help me see through her eyes how I might put more outfits together and continue learning how create my own style.
You can trust her to start at your comfort level and gently open your eyes to new possibilities. – Kim Blaker, Member

The Biggest Takeaways

How do we accomplish your look without compromising you? You should never change your style to match someone else’s. I am a firm believer that we are all supposed to express ourselves through our style and if we all dressed the same, we’d all be robots, haha! Use your fashion to highlight who you are and wear it confidently!

How Can I Help?

I just want to help. I want to help you minimalize the chaos in your life and help you focus on your best and most confident you! Look at Kim, I had her rocking new styles and patterns that she never would have tried! Keep stretching yourself. Try new patterns and styles that make you feel confident, because you can do that, I promise! Use Kim as inspiration because she not only looks amazing, she feels and knows that she’s absolutely stunning! She had all the tools, she just needed new perspective!

You are surrounded by people who are where you are and who are for you.
We are family, we are sisters, we are girlfriends.