Girlfriend's Fit Club | The Unpopular Fitness Tips {That Could Change Everything}
Girlfriends Fitclub is a women's gym in West Michigan. Located in Holland, MI, we offer a variety of health and fitness facilities to service all women.
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The Unpopular Fitness Tips {That Could Change Everything}

When I think of springtime in West Michigan, I always think about busting out my new sneakers and hitting the downtown sidewalks for a brisk jog.  I think about all of the people emerging from their homes after cold, gray days to put their faces in the sunshine and tulips. I think about how antsy I become with the thought of new and fresh on the horizon.  While some might be ready to jump into all that is offered in this season, others may be growing overwhelmed by the thought of warmer weather.  Maybe it’s trying on shorts from last year or a quicker heart rate while walking the dog down the street. Or maybe it’s Pinterest. Enough said.  The physical body begins to feel exposed as the temperatures change and we can fall into the get-thin-get-fit-quick trap if we don’t train ourselves to be aware and careful.

You might expect that the month of January is the fitness and health budget buster, but the springtime is becoming a top runner for the most searches and subscriptions for fitness and dieting support.  As a fitness and health professional, I see more and more people running after the fast beach body while never considering how it might be affecting their overall health.  Fitness was never meant to help us love ourselves more, friends. Fitness is a health tool that starts with love and produces power (not just the kind of power that makes you squat longer or run faster).  So for no monthly or hidden fees, I offer you some unpopular fitness advice that will help you renew your mind when it comes to starting and maintaining a healthy fitness journey.  

Start with love.  You will never find love of self at the end of your health journey—you have to love yourself before you even start.  I have told the women in my fitness classes many times, “If you are here because you hate your body, please leave and come back when you love it.”  It sounds ridiculous, but it is so amazing how much more your body will do for you when you love it the way it is. If you can start your fitness journey with love, then you are building a firm health foundation.  When you start with love you no longer focus on yo-yo dieting and fitness routines that don’t fit your body; you are way too valuable for that. You’re also much more likely to keep going when you love you with no strings attached.  That, my friend, creates sustainable health.

Do what makes you want more.  This is so simple, yet I see so many people who force themselves to run a 10k and hate every moment of it.  I also see people who keep going to hot yoga but leave before “namaste” because there is no connection or enjoyment whatsoever.  Fitness is not supposed to be torture.  You’ll never continue to do something you hate; and if you are doing that then you may need to consider why you’re doing it.  Find something that makes you smile while you’re doing it. All you need is 20-30 minutes to experience the great benefits. It’s OK to say “I don’t like it.”  Be free. You’ll find that this process helps your self discovery which will benefit you in so many more ways than just health! 

Schedule it or don’t.  Hang with me a second on this one.  If you have studied the Enneagram or other personality tests you’ve probably figured out that no person is wired the same.  Praise! Some of us love structure and schedule.  I have friends who exercise the same time, same day every week and they thrive.  However, I think that it’s “popular” to schedule it all out but let me be bold and say it doesn’t work for everyone.  Some people feel completely defeated in their fitness journey because they just can’t find a scheduled routine.  If you need spontentuity and variety, try taking it one day at a time and just choosing when to exercise on the fly.  Or maybe you block the time off on your calendar but you choose how to exercise last minute.  Either way, you don’t need to be a scheduled human to have a thriving fitness routine.  Sometimes the key isn’t schedule but more accountability.  Find what keeps you accountable to actually doing it and go with it. 

Speak life.  You can influence a lot by speaking life over your body (and your life!).  If you are believing a lie about yourself today that needs to go in order for you to have a healthier, more fulfilled life then it’s time to find that declaration and speak it everyday.  Try finding a small phrase, Bible verse, or mantra that speaks directly against the lie that is holding you back. Find a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror or on your dash in your car.  Every time you see it, try declaring it 5-7 times. Do this everyday until you see something shift. Chances are there will always be new things to declare. This practice can be life- long and can enrich your life.

Produce power.  When you start with love, your health journey will produce power in so many areas.  You will see your physical body grow stronger. There will be less comparison, more joy and less striving.  It will overflow into relationships and help you create clearer vision for your life. Powerful people create powerful change; our world needs us at our best.  

The health world is over-complicated.  We need a lot less information and a lot more time discovering who we are.   You’re not made for easy and you’re not made to go it alone. Surround yourself with support and trustworthy people that can pull out the gold in you and help you when you’re stuck.  Make this spring season your healthiest yet by setting a strong fitness foundation with the tips above. Also, spend time in nature, fuel your body with real food and take time to self-care.  Not to sound like a cosmetic quote cliche, but you really are worth it. 


Brittnee Blom is certified in Holistic Health Coaching (IIN) and group fitness.  She has been a fellow girlfriend for six years at GFFC and also helps run the blog for the gym.  She spends a lot of time with her husband and boys; she also loves leading worship at her church, cooking creative meals and practicing yoga.  Brittnee has a huge passion for seeing women live healthy and whole lives in every area and is currently taking new clients for the spring.