Girlfriend's Fit Club | Health Coaching Program
Girlfriends Fitclub is a women's gym in West Michigan. Located in Holland, MI, we offer a variety of health and fitness facilities to service all women.
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Health Coaching Program


Did you know that we now offer a health coaching program here at GFFC? Our 6 or 3 month
programs are available now (Limited Space!) to help our member become healthy in all areas of
life—not just fitness and diet. If you are interested in learning more about our program, please
read on! You’ll be hearing more about it this month, too.

So, What Is It?

Health coaching provides coaching, accountability, and resources to clients looking to live
healthier lives in all areas. We believe that overall health is more than just eating healthy and
being fit. Yes, food and fitness are big parts of the health journey. However, we break things
into two separate categories:

Primary Food: Things that affect your health OFF of the plate
(career, stress management, relationships, physical activity, sleep etc.)
Secondary Food: Physical food on your plate

With a health coach, a client will be guided to find the root of physical health issues. Together,
they will come up with a plan and set personal goals for multiple areas of the client’s life so
that they can begin living a sustainable health-full life style that lasts.

Who Is This For?

Everyone. If we are honest with ourselves, we could probably admit that some area of our lives
are a little off balance. What if your stress was keeping those extra 20 lbs from coming off?
What if learning how to manage your time could help you sleep better at night? What if years
of skin issues was, at the root, caused by a food allergy? What if a bad relationship with your
boss keeps you running for sugar every night after work?
Whatever it is…we believe that health coaching is something that every single person can
benefit from. We want our club members to be healthy long-term. We don’t believe that
“diets” work. We don’t believe that you can achieve long-term health and happiness by just
exercising more each week. Everything is connected and we have no created a safe, loving and
credible space for you to see substantial change in your life.

Who Are the Health Coaches?

Owner, Shawn Mielke and Class Instructor, Brittnee Blom are Holistic Health Coaches trained
through Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The IIN school offers the leading holistic health
coaching certification in the world! Our coaches went through his year-long program for YOU.
We, at Girlfriends, have recognized the need for more in health in our community and we
believe that this offering is invaluable!

Health Coaching vs. Personal Training

What a beautiful marriage these things are! We believe that health coaching and personal
training can work together to help transform lives. Our health coaches and personal trainers
will work together to offer discounts for services as we see fit for each individual person. We
believe we are all bio-individuals. That means that “one person’s food is another person’s
poison.” No plan, diet, exercise routine, career, etc. works for every person. Isn’t that

If you decide to start with Personal Training as an option for better health, our PT staff might
recommend that you seek out additional support for health coaching to see your weight goals
met; especially if there are areas of your life out of balance that are making your healthy
lifestyle goals unattainable. At the same token, if you decide that Health Coaching is a starting
place for you, you may also be encouraged to do personal training; especially if we recognize
that physical fitness is a primary food space that is out of balance.

Together, we are able to provide a fully rounded health plan for every member at our gym.

What Health Coaches are NOT

  • Meal planners or Dietary Enforcers: Health Coaches focus on helping you find what is right for your body. If you are already working with a dietician or nutritionist, we will walk alongside you to keep you accountable while diving into the deeper “why” behind your health concerns.
  • Diagnosers or Prescribers: Health Coaches do not have the authority to prescribe medicationor diagnose medical conditions. We will refer you onto a medical professional if we feel like that is needed.
  • Judgers or Comparers: Health Coaches, more than anything, provide a confidential, judgement-free zone for you to share and connect. Together we will come up with goals at every meeting for you to work through to get you on your way to better health. We make you the pilot of your health plane.


Please contact the front desk for more info on how to sign-up. We will be
taking new clients starting in February!
Cheers to good health!